Workshops and Presentations

Listed below is information about the educational community workshops and trainings Palmetto Community Action Partnership (Palmetto CAP) offers. All are provided 100% free for non-profit and faith-based groups. For-profit groups may be assessed a small facilitation fee. Schedule one of these events for your group or drop in on one that’s previously scheduled. We’ll come to you or you can come to us!

     1.  Community Action Poverty Simulation

The Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) training is an immersive, experiential exercise in which 26-88 participants are assigned roles within fictional families and given props and roles to act out.  The simulation is broken up into an introduction; four 15-minute periods (to represent the four weeks in a month); and a de-briefing.  Held in a multi-purpose room, 15-20 volunteers staff the community resource tables (which represent the various businesses and organizations that comprise any given community). Below are links to videos of simulations. Simulations can be customized to best train those participating. In the past, Palmetto CAP has conducted simulations with teens to emphasize the importance of staying in school as a means to combating poverty; simulations with social workers to impress empathy and customer service; simulations with church outreach ministries; and simulations to volunteers to teach creativity when problem-solving issues impacting low-income families.  The theme of the CAPS event can be adjusted to address your organization’s focus as it pertains to poverty. The simulation takes about 2.5 hours (this does not include the 1 hour prior to the simulation’s start for set-up or the 30 minutes for training the volunteers who will portray community resources).


     2.  Insufficient Funds Workshop

This interactive workshop provides an introduction to poverty and its causes; explains the cycle of poverty and what can be done to break it; examines the myths and realities surrounding Americans who live in poverty in the Charleston metropolitan area, in South Carolina and across the nation; discusses poverty’s impact on families, businesses and communities; and challenges attendees to come up with ways that they can positively impact families living in poverty.  Attendees will also play the interactive game Spent to get a better idea of the tough choices low-income families are forced to make every day.  This workshop accommodates both small and large groups (preferably no more than 100 attendees).  This workshop takes about 2-2.5 hours.


     3.  You’re Hired: Tips On Getting the Interview and Landing the Job

Are you prepared to ace your next job interview? There are a few tips and tricks that every applicant should know when trying to get a job. Let us teach you the body language techniques, business etiquette, soft skills and interview best practices that will help you land any job. From the time you start your application to the time you send your interviewer a thank you note, we’ve got you covered! This workshop is appropriate for both teens who are just entering the workforce and adults looking to sharpen their professional skills.


     4.  Stomping Out Bullies!

This interactive anti-bullying workshop facilitated by our Youth Education Enrichment staff that teaches children in grades K-12 how to identify the signs of bullying, prevent becoming a victim, intervene when other children are being bullied, and report it to the appropriate authorities. Each workshop has a varied and specific curriculum tailored to the ages of the children in attendance.


     5.  Get Your Assets In Check: Stretch a Dollar Until It Hollers!

This 2-hour interactive and informative financial literacy training provides attendees with the knowledge needed to reduce their expenses, increase their income and build on assets they already possess. Attendees will get personalized advice as to how to manage their finance with education on budgeting skills, credit counseling, debt management tips, couponing techniques, using credit, banking, cost-conservation measures and preparation for homeownership. Each training is as different as the people who attend. These trainings are customizable, easy to understand and have various curriculums that cater to ages 5-85.


     6.  ENERGIZE Your Home: Learn to Be Green Smart!

In this hour-long workshop, attendees will learn how to make their home more energy-efficient using easy and cheap (if not free!) cost-cutting tips. Door prizes that help attendees ‘green’ their homes are also given away. Attendees are encouraged to bring their energy bills for personalized advice by our resident Energy Counselors.


     7.  Love Doesn’t Hurt: Teen Dating Violence Awareness

In this 45-minute interactive workshop, teens and pre-teens will be able to learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviors when entering into the dating world. They will also learn how not to perpetrate acts of violence or disrespect to their partners. The workshops can be conducted with male, female or co-ed groups. The workshop usually works best when the group is smaller (10-15 participants) and when the schedule is flexible as there is often a lot of discussion that accompanies this topic.


     8.  Great Life Choices for Teens Character Education

A series of interactive, 30-minute character education workshops based on Dr. Earl Suttle’s book Great Life Choices for Teens (Who Want to Make a Difference). Workshops include:

  • You Are the Company You Keep
  • Stress Management
  • Controlling Your Anger
  • The Five As for Mastering Life Changes
  • Making Smart Choices during High-Risk Situations
  • The Leader Inside of You
  • The Power of Self –Esteem


     9.  Public Health Education with WellCare Health Plans

The following workshops are free of charge offered through Palmetto CAP’s partnership with WellCare Health Plans.

  • Cooking Matters Grocery Store Tours
  • Community Baby Showers
  • Know Your Numbers (healthy vital signs)
  • How To Have a Healthy Heart
  • Eating Healthy On a Budget
  • Diabetes Care and Management
  • Community Health Fairs


     10.  Character Counts Character Education

This curriculum addresses the Six Pillars of Character. Children age 12 and under will use real-world scenarios and interactive exercises to learn the principles of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness and Citizenship.


     11.  Affordable Care Act Benefits and You

Learn how the Affordable Care Act can help you obtain affordable health coverage. Our ACA-certified agent will help you understand the federal marketplace and navigate the federal website, Not only will you get step-by-step guidance in completing an ACA online application, you will also get unbiased, personalized expert advice about which health plans will best serve your family.


     12.  Program and Services Overview

In this 45-minute workshop, a Palmetto CAP staff member will come to your group to explain the agency’s many programs and services, their impact on the Tri-county area and how they can be accessed. A question and answer period is included. Informational handouts and literature are provided.


    13.  Managing the Maze: Accessing Community Resources

This hour-long workshop teaches private citizens how to access free and low-cost community resources in the areas of housing, health, education, employment and more.  Perfect for faith-based and neighborhood groups.



Contact Chelsi Howard (Community Relations Coordinator) at 843-730-3354 or for more information. Visit to learn more about Palmetto Community Action Partnership!